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Employers are at the heart of NSARE, it is truly an employer led organisation. Railway Engineering employers have provided and continue to provide both leadership and investment throughout NSARE 's development

Working with industry employers, NSARE has identified the following engineering skills challenges that together we are addressing:

  • Recruitment of school leavers to train as apprentices, with a career path to becoming professional railway engineers (Level 4+) for those sufficiently motivated and capable.
  • Recruitment, training and development of graduates to become the professional engineers of the future.
  • Encouragement and training of experienced engineers without degrees, to also become the professional engineers of the future.
  • Development of consistent competence requirements to enable professional recognition at all levels
  • Up-skilling of the engineering workforce to a minimum of Level 2, including transient workers.
  • General up-skilling of the workforce (Levels 1 to 3) to meet the technology and efficiency demands of the railway of the future.
  • Training of today's craftsmen to become the supervisors of tomorrow.
  • 'Conversion' training of craftsmen and professionals from other sectors to become railway engineers.

Through a series of working groups over 60 organisations are working collaboratively to shape the plans and priorities of NSARE to address these challenges. Your organisation can get involved by becoming a member of NSARE Ltd. Apply here

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