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Training and Assessment providers are eligible and encouraged to become Members of NSARE.  To find out more visit our Membership page here.

From January 2012 NSARE is managing the Network Rail training and assessment accreditation scheme – currently known as the RTAS scheme. The approach to accreditation is different to what providers have previously been used to, with the old audit system being replaced by a two step process where:

  • organisations provide some information online for NSARE to review, followed by
  • an inspection based on the Ofsted approach using qualified inspectors.

Organisations that hold accredited status are being transitioned across to the new system. The following resources may be useful for accredited providers to help them prepare for the new process.

If you are not currently accredited but would like to find out more about becoming an NSARE accredited provider please email us at

Individual trainers and assessors working either directly for, or on behalf of, accredited providers must also be accredited by NSARE.  The 6th January 2012 is the deadline for individuals who work with currently accredited providers to register with us. Once registered, individuals will need to complete an online accreditation process – information about how to do this is being sent to trainers/assessors once they register. If you have any questions about the registration or accreditation process please contact us at

We will be rolling out the accreditation scheme to cover other railway engineering training during 2012, more information will be available on the website or from our accreditation team in due course.